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Jasmine Summers is one of the naughtiest little school girls at innocent high! Today instead of causing mischief, she was atoning for it, in detention. The detention supervisor laid down the rules, but Jasmine was sure to pay them no mind. Minutes after sitting down she had her innocent schoolgirl ass on phone out and was slutting it up for her social media. She started playing with her tits and pussy, then even tried to get the supervisor involved. He didn’t want to hear it and sent Jasmine back to her seat. Shortly after that, a prominent buzzing sound could be heard throughout the classroom. The supervisor thought it was Jasmine’s cell phone, and immediately went to confiscate it. He was shocked to see that it was actually a vibrating sex toy, and even more shocked when Jasmine offered to be his sex toy. This hot little teen schoolgirl hopped right onto her knees and began sucking the detention supervisors meaty wang. From there, her tight little pussy was penetrated on the desk while she screamed out of pure pleasure. After a few interesting position changes, an A nut was busted all over Jasmine’s face. She can take that as her get out of detention free card… For now…

Shoplyfter / Arielle Faye & Jasmine Summers – Case No.4469525 | biznes-explorer.ru http://biznes-explorer.ru/1watch/shoplyfter-arielle-faye-jasmine-summers-case-no-4469525/ Wed, 14 Jun 2017 17:30:19 +0000 http://biznes-explorer.ru/?p=41672

June 7th 7:18pm – Case No. 4469525 – Petty Theft – LP Officer on duty witnessed two teenage females attempting to steal store merchandise. Both suspects were detained for questioning. One suspect attempted to flee, but was promptly apprehended. Both suspects were strip searched against their will. Search produced stolen merchandise on one of the suspects. An agreement with both suspects was reached following the confirmation of attempted theft. Evidence logged June 7, 2017.

BFFs / Alison Rey, Jasmine Summers, Demi Lopez, Kinsley Eden – Hot Sneaky Yoga | biznes-explorer.ru http://biznes-explorer.ru/1watch/bffs-alison-rey-jasmine-summers-demi-lopez-kinsley-eden-hot-sneaky-yoga/ Tue, 06 Jun 2017 11:50:01 +0000 http://biznes-explorer.ru/?p=40444

Hot yoga just got a lot hotter with these 4 hotties who are best friends. They are headed into a hot yoga session with their instructor who asks why there is a cameraman with them. They inform the yoga master that he is just there to film and take some glamour shots of them doing hot yoga. The class begins and these 4 girls are in very sexy yoga pants, ones that look really good when a hot girl is wearing them and bending over. The camera is picking all of this up when one of the girls pulls one of the other girl s pants down and starts kissing her perfectly round ass. The instructor starts protesting and asking the girls to stay focused on the class. They get back to doing poses, but eventually, one of them starts to notice Josh the cameraman is getting hot watching this action. So she starts to suck his dick. This attracts the other 3 girls over to also start sharing his cock. The lucky guy can say 4 women took turns sucking his dick and he has video evidence to support that this really happened. The yoga instructor is now furious with them for making a sexual mockery of yoga. They tell him he s just jealous and needs to loosen up. Then they start seducing him too. His yoga might and will are broken by hot asses and tits. The yoga instructor and Josh both get fucked by 4 girls in a massive group sex orgy. Cum is splattered everywhere across these 4 hotties when it s over!

Mommy’s Girl / Elexis Monroe, Jasmine Summers & Lucie Cline – Miss Bikini Bottoms | biznes-explorer.ru http://biznes-explorer.ru/1watch/mommys-girl-elexis-monroe-jasmine-summers-lucie-cline-miss-bikini-bottoms/ Fri, 02 Jun 2017 11:20:29 +0000 http://biznes-explorer.ru/?p=39812

Teen step daughter Jasmine Summers is hanging out at home with her friend Lucie Cline, practicing for a modeling contest in skimpy bikinis. Jasmine’s step mother Elexis Monroe cheerfully offers to coach the girls. She used to do some modeling and can show them the ropes. But when Elexis coaches them to be classy, the teens set the stepmother straight. They won’t be competing on a Paris runway. This is a hot body bikini contest and they need to be sleazy. Now that Elexis understands, she tells them to twerk. Knowing what the judges will want, she riles them up to shake their tight little asses and make it rain.

When the MILF becomes too critical, Jasmine gets frustrated and demands a demonstration. Elexis gets on all fours on the sofa and twerks her ass. She doesn’t just shake her booty, she brings it up and down like a stripper. Then she flips up her dress and shows them her ass, and she’s not wearing panties! The girls are shocked. Jasmine is so embarrassed, but Elexis uses her confidence to convince the girls to show some skin and touch themselves. They need to be sensual and seductive if they want to win.

When Elexis praises Lucie, Jasmine seeks her approval too. Elexis guides Lucie’s hand over her bikini bottoms to gently stroke her teenage pussy. Jasmine feels left out and wants to learn too, so Elexis guides Lucie’s hand over Jasmine’s bikini bottoms. As Jasmine competes with Lucie for her stepmom’s attention and approval, they follow the MILF’s instructions, grinding their hips, then licking their fingers, then sticking them inside their bikini bottoms, all the way inside their pussies. When Lucie earns more praise for fingering herself aggressively, Jasmine follows her lead. Then Jasmine wins points for removing her bikini bottoms and fingering herself with nothing on. Lucie takes off her bottoms and sucks Elexis’ boobs. Not to be outdone by her friend, Jasmine kisses Elexis and sucks on her big MILF tits.

Demonstrating to the teens where else the judges might want to touch them, lesbian Elexis licks her fingers and strokes Lucie’s pussy, until Jasmine demands a turn. Now Elexis wants to simulate what happens if the judge wants a taste. Lucie gets up on the arm of the sofa and spreads her legs for Elexis. Refusing to be left out, Jasmine licks Elexis’ pussy while the MILF fucks her friend. Lucie kisses down Elexis’ body till her mouth is on top of her pussy. Meanwhile Jasmine sits on her step mother’s face till she cums. The lesbian teens eat out Elexis together while she slurps at her stepdaughter’s juice. The MILF cums hard from their finger fucking, then makes the teens make out with each other. Jasmine obediently kisses Lucie and sucks on her little tits. Elexis directs Jasmine to lie on top of Lucie, and the teen pussies explode as they 69. Who will the MILF judge to be the winner? Click to find out!

Mommy’s Girl / Elexis Monroe & Jasmine Summers – Lost In Her Gaze | biznes-explorer.ru http://biznes-explorer.ru/1watch/mommys-girl-elexis-monroe-jasmine-summers-lost-in-her-gaze/ Tue, 18 Apr 2017 21:55:14 +0000 http://biznes-explorer.ru/?p=32054

Teen step daughter Jasmine Summers comes home from school, calling out to her step mother Elexis Monroe. But she’s just walked into the middle of a domestic fight with her father. The adults are shouting about splitting up and her father threatens to take Jasmine with him. She hides in the hallway until he storms out of the house. Jasmine checks on her step mom in the bedroom, telling her she wants to stay with her forever. As they embrace, Elexis pulls her in for a passionate kiss but Jasmine tries to pull away. Even though they’ve kissed before, it’s too much for her under the circumstances. She doesn’t want to be pitted in the middle of their breakup. Jasmine feels guilty about what they’re doing. What if her father comes back? But Elexis doesn’t relent. The reckless step mom cares only about fucking her daughter. With the teen’s shirt half off, she gives in to her step mother’s desires. Elexis is wearing only lingerie and a satin pink robe. The MILF feeds Jasmine her tits, and Jasmine sucks them obediently. She straddles the teen on the bed and grinds her pussy over her jeans. It’s happening too fast for Jasmine, she’s never done this before, but Elexis tells her what to do, how hard to grab her ass and suckle her nipples. She peels off the teen’s top and white lace bra, pinching and sucking her plump little tits. She pulls off her pants and fingers her pussy over her cotton panties. She pulls the fabric aside and licks her pink slit wetting her tuft of dark pubic hair. Jasmine begs her mom to stick a finger inside her and it makes her cum. Elexis removes her panties and lets Jasmine rub her pussy before placing it on Jasmine’s. The lesbians plaster together moving their hips rhythmically, tribbing and kissing. Elexis inhales her step daughter’s worn panties, then soaks up more of her juices to sniff as they grind. Jasmine wants to taste Elexis, so the MILF straddles her face and guides her where to lick. Elexis pumps her hips as the teen breathy licks and sucks her clit until the MILF cums hard in her mouth. She shoves the panties in Jasmines’ mouth as a reward, then kisses her sweetly. Will the teen make it back to her room before dad gets home? Click to find out!

8th Street Latinas / Jasmine Summers – Jasmines Cookies | biznes-explorer.ru http://biznes-explorer.ru/1watch/8th-street-latinas-jasmine-summers-jasmines-cookies/ Tue, 28 Feb 2017 12:02:47 +0000 http://biznes-explorer.ru/?p=24675

We start off with cute Jasmine in her schoolgirl outfit sneaking into a big property. She’s part of a sorority and is selling cookies door to door raising money. Tyler is surprised to see her at the door since he didn’t ring her in but didnt really care since she was hot. He soon let her in to buy some cookies and he realized he’d seen her in his neighborhood before. She noticed him too and revealed thats why she came over while she started feeling him up and making out with him. It wasnt long before he had her naked, slobbing on some cock and loving it. This shortie really knew how to suck cock like a champ and loved bouncing her sweet ass all over his rock hard dick. Dont miss this sexy Latina get a huge facial to end this hot scene.

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Jasmine Summers is bendy in all the right ways. She twists and curves her slim petite body to lick balls and suck cock from any angle. Watch as she goes down deepthroat and then inverts herself for the most acrobatic blowjob we’ve ever seen at OTB. Hot stuff with a fine teen babe!

Don’t Break Me / Jasmine Summers – Tiny Cutie’s Pussy Gets Plowed | biznes-explorer.ru http://biznes-explorer.ru/1watch/dont-break-me-jasmine-summers-tiny-cuties-pussy-gets-plowed/ Mon, 08 Aug 2016 21:36:10 +0000 http://biznes-explorer.ru/?p=16932 1QKhXTKd52Hs/” 1


Jasmine Summers is spending a whole lot of time upside down today. It’s just that her tight spinner’s body is so flexible and petite that dude can’t help but throw her around, and fuck her tiny Latina pussy in a million different positions.